Terrace roofs

Do you enjoy sitting on your terrace in the sunshine, maybe while reading a good book? Sunshine on the terrace is like the icing on the cake of the person seeking for relaxation after an exhausting day at the job.

But sunshine is not always wanted. Do you dream of simply “switching off” the sunshine sometimes?

Although the possibilities of humans to do so are not developed yet, fortunately of course, we can at least “lock out” the sunshine.

As an alternative to awnings, CarportUnion can offer you the construction of a terrace roof made of wood.
The constructive woods used here, like all our products, fulfill the highest requests and offer various design options in style and color.

To guarantee sufficient incidence of light to the windows and doors under the terrace roof, it is advisable to (at least partly) use transparent materials, such as laminated safety glass, for roof covering.

And, did you get curious now? Then just let us show the possibilities to you.